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Our Story:

We are a family owned business operated by two brothers, Walter and Bill Bennett. Our family has always been a farming family. J.W. Bennett, our grandfather, was a farmer in addition to running his own sawmill and timber business in the early 20th century. Rollan, our father, along with most of his brothers and sisters grew up working in some capacity for the family business. Our father was a field and cattle farmer before building his first greenhouse in the 1980's. From that time on, we became more and more of a greenhouse farming family. Along the way we have grown vegetables, herbs, annuals, perennials, and a seemingly endless variety of hanging baskets for retail dealers all over the Eastern United States. Today our entire operation is dedicated to producing succulents in unique ways. Utilizing our creativity and woodworking skills has helped us produce from scratch most of the products we offer. Our goal is to produce everything we sell whenever possible. From mixing our own soil to building our own pots, we are dedicated not only to producing a great selling product but one interesting enough to be fun to our customers.